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Koor Garang (featured in Rebuilding Hope)
lives in Tucson, AZ. He finished his course work to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and is continuing with his Associates Degree and hopes to become an RN. Koor raised thousands of dollars to bring medical supplies and treated mosquito nets on his initial homecoming trip; then returned to South Sudan to provide training to nurses working in a newly built clinic in Akon. He began the NGO Ubuntu to provide health education and services to people in South Sudan.

Gabriel Bol Deng (featured in Rebuilding Hope)
lives in Syracuse, NY. He graduated from Le Moyne College with a Bachelors in math education and philosophy in May 2007 and finished the course work for his master in education in December 2008. Gabriel Bol received the 2006 Distinguished Student Teacher of the Year and the 2007 Le Moyne College Social Justice Awards. Gabriel Bol founded the NGO Hope for Ariang in order to help his village build, maintain and support a primary school. Currently, Gabriel Bol tutors mathematics at a high school in Syracuse.

Garang Mayuol (featured in Rebuilding Hope)
lives in Wheaton, IL. He received his Associates Degree in May 2007 and is continuing his studies in order to receive a degree in business management. On his trip home, Garang realized that a clean water system in his village is a critical step towards preventing cholera and other water-bourne diseases. He launched the Lang Water Project and returned to his village in February 2009 to begin drilling wells.

Jen Marlowe:
Jen Marlowe is the founder of donkeysaddle projects. As part of a three-person team, Jen traveled to Northern Darfur and Eastern Chad to make the documentary film Darfur Diaries: Message from Home and wrote the accompanying book Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survival. Jen is currently writing a play and a book about Palestine and Israel. The book, called "The Hour of Sunlight", is slated to be published by Nation Books in June 2010. Jen serves on the board of directors of Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre. Her writing can be found online at The Nation, Tomdispatch.com and CommonDreams.org.

Amy Brown:
Amy Brown is a documentary director/producer with over ten years of professional experience. Her work has appeared on PBS, CBS, and many other networks. Before opening her own production company, Lanes Island Productions, Brown produced films with directors Ric Burns and David Grubin and her many credits include three Emmy-winning documentaries. Brown is currently directing Rwanda Reporting – a documentary about four journalism students, the power of media and the resiliency of a country ravaged by genocide. She received her Masters degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism and lives in New York City with her husband.

Lehni Lamide Davies:
Lehni Lamide Davies was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1974.
She is an Artist and Producer. As an Artist, she utilizes video, photo, sound, song, text and movement to create performances and videos that explore social issues through creative documentary practice. As a Producer, she has produced both commercial and non - commercial photography and media projects.

Celia Beasley:
Celia Beasley is an independent filmmaker based in Seattle where she directs and edits documentaries, narratives, commercial pieces and television shows. Her work has screened at festivals such as Sundance, SIFF, Telluride, and has aired on PBS, Showtime, A&E and TF1, the largest TV network in France. Celia recently returned from two and a half years in Madagascar, where she created films for aid and development agencies such as CRS and UNICEF, and produced 'The Madagascar Diaries' radio series for National Public Radio.

Andrew Quattrociocchi:
Production Assistant
Andrew Quattrociocchi lives in Seattle, WA. Having graduated from The Northwest School in 2006, he is an aspiring young activist and musician. In the past he has worked on rebuilding the homes of migrant farm workers and campaigning for cleaner energy in the state of Washington. He plans to continue to work for peace, broaden his understanding of the world and record music.

David Randall:
Musical Director and composer
David Randall has worked as a musician, producer and composer for over 15 years. He has contributed to multi-million selling albums by Grammy Award winning artist Dido and has toured the world a number of times performing with UK dance act Faithless. His own critically acclaimed albums released under the name Slovo feature international collaborations with artists including Iceland’s Emiliana Torrini , Indian writer Arundhati Roy and US jazz legend Max Roach. Randall first composed music for film following a meeting with Palestinian filmmaker Kareim El-Jamal. He contributed tracks to El-Jamal’s documentary ‘The Olive Branch’ and to the US independent feature film ‘Madison’. ‘Rebuilding Hope’ is Randall’s first full score for a feature length documentary.

Emmanual Jal:
Lead vocalist and composer
Emmanuel Jal has won worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation born out of his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan. His music can be heard alongside Coldplay, Gorillaz, and Radiohead, as well as in three ER episodes, the National Geographic documentary God Grew Tired of Us, and in the feature film Blood Diamond. In 2005, he released his first album, Gua (”peace” in his native Nuer tongue), with the title track becoming a number one hit in Kenya. Jal performed at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebrations and shared a stage with Alicia Keys, Annie Lennox, Damien Marley and Stephen Marley at the Black Ball in London in July 08. Jal’s autobiography 'War Child' was released in February 2009. His critically acclaimed 3rd album is also called ‘Warchild’. Jal funds a charity called Gua Africa with the goal of building a school in his hometown of Leer, Sudan.

Rob Quattro:
Sound designer
Rob Quattro is owner and lead engineer of Studio West, located in West Seattle.
He has been performing and recording music in Seattle for 25 years. Rebuilding Hope was his first film project, and he hopes to continue to add new and creative challenges in the future.

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