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Rebuilding Hope is more than a film—it’s a grassroots project seeking to support health care and education in South Sudan. We need you to get involved!

You can:
  • The more people see Rebuilding Hope, the more people will be inspired to get involved! Contact us at rebuildinghope@gmail.com for more information on setting up a screening in your community!
  • Organize a fundraiser in your community for the education, health care and water projects featured in Rebuilding Hope.
  • Invite Gabriel Bol, Garang, Koor, Jen or David to speak with the film in your community!
  • Donate to the health care and education projects that Rebuilding Hope is supporting!
Though Gabriel Bol, Koor and Garang are remarkable young men, they are not alone. There are young men and women all over the country who are refugees or immigrants from countries ravaged by war and poverty who are working on projects in their home countries to improve the conditions of their communities and their people. We hope that Rebuilding Hope is a useful tool for them as well. Research projects happening in refugee or immigrant communities in your city or town and find out how you can work in solidarity with them!

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