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Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

"Rebuilding Hope is an amazing film. It is a deeply moving study in loss and suffering, in courage, in wisdom about the meaning of Life as Humans that seems as old as the continent of Africa. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to see such determination to be of service to the group. I cried many times, witnessing the truth that love is at the root of all things dedicated to health and wholeness. Though sadness sometimes threatens to overtake us, we are reminded, watching this film, of the essential requirements for living a happy life. "The Lost Boys of Africa" have found a way to show us something we in the West might never have known or even guessed. A remarkable teaching."
Alice Walker

Leslie Lefkow, Senior Researcher, Human Rights Watch

"Rebuilding Hope is a riveting and moving portrait of three young men's journey back home to Sudan and the underlying challenges to peace in contemporary Sudan. Multiply the anguish in these three stories by hundreds of thousands and the viewer will begin to have a glimmer of understanding of the magnitude of Sudan's wars and their impact on the lives of millions of Sudanese. Through the prism of these three individuals, filmmaker Jen Marlowe provides an essential, human window into the fragility of Sudan's southern peace."
Leslie Lefkow

Dave Eggers, author of What is the What

"The young Sudanese men and women who grew up in the shadow of civil war and found their way to America have proven themselves to be a extraordinary group: despite their own struggles in their adopted homes, they’re absolutely determined to give back and to rebuild southern Sudan. Rebuilding Hope is a wonderful tribute to their spirit and perseverance."
Dave Eggers

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Comments (15)
  • Karen Samman  - Rebuilding Hope
    The film Rebuilding Hope is truly inspiring and demonstrates the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and turn it into a positive force that can make a difference in the lives of many.
  • charlotte brenner  - Inspiring
    This was one of the most inspiring documentaries I have ever seen. I am sure it will have tremendous influnce on people's understanding of the conflict in Sudan and the resources that are needed for the people of Sudan to have the autonomy they so desparately want. Thank you.
  • Donna Herrod  - Congratulations
    What a message of young people returning to their homeland to help those in need. I'm so proud to see the hearts of someone who loves their people so much. Thank you for the documentary. I saw it on October 17, 2010
  • Iwong Emmanuel  - Mr.
    This project is inspiring, and time fulfilling. In fact i am planing to arrange for a volunteer support project with you. The designs and concepts are very intriguing, and there is hope for the people of Southern Sudan
  • Lynne Bolstad  - presentation in Oneonta
    Saw Gabriel this evening in Oneonta, NY, where he showed us the movie and answered questions. Thank you for opening our eyes about something most of us have been very ignorant about. My family already supports several charities/projects, but we will add this to our list!
  • Caroline Faria  - Thanks for the inspiring insight!
    I watched Rebuilding Hope with students at Dartmouth college last night, followed by a presentation by Gabriel Deng. It was really moving and inspiring and the students came away feeling really excited about the projects. It was great to see updated photos from Gabriel about the school project. We could see the sustainable nature of the project's efforts and the ongoing and amazing work that is being done in the follow up to the film.
    thank you for bringing these issues to us at Dartmouth.
  • Dr Dawn Ambler  - Schools in South Sudan
    I have viewed your video clip on your website with great interest. I have just returned from Biemnom in Unity State and in partnership with others am trying to re-establish the education and economic stability of that area by huilding an educational centre and farm. Watching the clip brought back many memories of my trip. It does not matter which part of South Sudan you go to the need is the same and the need is so great. Good luck to Gabe, Koor and Garang. To have endured so much and still have hope and a belief that all will change for the better is something the Sudanese certainly share.
  • Lori Charlton
    I feel very privileged to have been able to attend the screening for this film. It is a beautiful piece of art - sad and moving, but with a wonderful message of hope. The "lost boys" are so inspiring - not only for what they endured but for who they have become as human beings. Watching their story just restores your faith in humanity. Congratulations to Jen - I feel so humbled by what you have accomplished by bringing this story to life. I look forward to buying several copies of the DVD that I will share with my friends and family.
  • Cynthia Davis  - So moving!
    If you never knew Gabe, Koor and Garang you would know, after watching this film, of their intense friendship, enduring strength, love for their people, and their incredible appreciation for what westerners have done for them. At the same time, you can see where they came from and the depth of their conern for their southern Sudanese ancestry and family. This picture is an awakening that "peace" does not only mean that there are no more gun shots...Peace means having basic human rights. We see these three boys ( now men) caring so much about the dignity of their people. It forces us all to think more deeply about what makes us human.
    Jen, I am so proud to have met you and to call you a friend. Thank you for all you are doing for Sudan.
  • Hilary Lustig
    Congratulations Jen. I am so glad I went to the screening tonight. The film was ... inspiring. The story is an amazing one..... one that I would not have learned... had I not been invited tonight. While I watched the film...I kept thinking.... that you were there... with these people.. in those villages... so very far from life here in Ct. Those 3 men are so incredibly strong...to have endured what they did AND to return home AND do what they are doing to help those still there. Unfortunately, there are horrific things happening in so many places ...near to us and far. Thank you for enlightening me as to this situation and sharing such an inspiring story of compassion and bravery.
  • Kathleen Klier  - The world needs more heroes like all of you!
    I first heard of Gabriel's dream when I was a graduate student at LeMoyne. I believe that I have one of the original 200 shirts! It is so fantastic to see the vision coming true.
    Gabriel and all, you are true heroes. We are all blessed by the courage and strength that you model everyday.
    The film is outstanding and I am certain it will bring many blessings to all the projects.
  • Cindy Wilder  - Thank you, Jen!
    I left the film feeling both humbled and uplifted. Jen's respect and concern for her subjects shows in every frame.
  • Dean Wagner  - Vice Chairman - Rwanda Partners
    While about Sudan, the developed world's policies and decisions explored in this film are universal. As is the story of every day people having the heart to want to make a difference and the courage and persistence to make their dreams a reality on the ground. A must see for those wanting to learn about what is happening in Sudan - or for anyone going to do development work in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Mary Beth Wojtaszek  - Congratulations!
    Congratulations once again on another one of your great accomplishments!! I will not be able to attend the premiere's, but as soon as the DVD becomes available...I'm ordering. I wanted to thank you as well for contributing and sharing your experiences with the people of Sudan...rebuilding their hope!!! I continue to follow and support your projects....
    Mary Beth Wojtaszek
  • Les LaMotte  - Great work!
    I just want to thank you for your work on behalf of the people of South Sudan. I was just there in April and shot HD footage for my own Doc as a prelude to my Feature film... WithoutAVoicethemovie.com. I would appreciate talking to you about any collaboration we could do to help each other in our mutual pursuit of helping the people of Sudan.

    Les LaMotte
    Executive Director
    3002 Keating Court
    Burnsville MN 55337

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